Celebrating Small Victories

Today I had a small victory, my belt was able to tighten one hole comfortably. I had decided not to weigh myself because I not only don't have a working scale, I also have a tendency to obsess over every ounce and fluctuation on the scale. The months have not been kind to me since February. The trigger was a sprained ankle which prevented me from running for several weeks. I think the hardest part of running is starting and moving. I'm not going to make excuses for slacking off, but I'm sure my schedule just made it that much more difficult. 

I started a new job the beginning of October and with it, a new schedule and less stress. Its easier to change a small part of your daily routine when your daily rituals have completely shifted. I have now managed to get in 3-4 runs a week averaging 2 miles. A little on the low side I know, but it's a start. Tonight, I'm attending a running group. It definitely helps your commitment to get a workout in when you are meeting up with others. The urban run group I joined so far has been super supportive of my desire to get back into running shape after being out of it for a while.