Laziness of My Life

It takes a vacation to make you realize that apathy and lack of movement is the main contributor to the present state of my body. Constant walking, floating and general tent set-up movement have revealed to me how desperately out of shape I am.

Yet, I sit here late on a Saturday afternoon with the broken promises of gym time over an hour ago haunting me. My gym clothes beckon me from the neat corner of my room with the lure of the runner's high that I always enjoy every time I go. My sweet commuter bike tempts me with a ride around in the sunshine of a pleasant day. Yet still I sit, in my lazy sleep clothes, willing myself to get out of my apartment and do SOMETHING, yet I cannot seem to tear my rear off the cushioned seat.

It has come to my attention that this very laziness is a sign that I am still a child. Which probably also explains the messiness that characterizes my apartment. Mid- twenties have hit, yet my living space oftentimes resembles the disaster of a teen aged boy's.

If ever I am to truly be a responsible adult I need to take myself up and conquer my lazy tendencies or I am never going to even come close to approaching the adult woman I wish to become.